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Molly Buttleman

Along the shores of Lake Michigan’s Grand Traverse Bay is the charming and picturesque town of Traverse City. It’s known for its abundant vineyards, stunning scenery, and extravagant food scene. Thanks to its outdoor recreation and farm-to-table cuisine, it’s quickly becoming one of the top-visited destinations in the United States.

Residents of this town are blessed by endless miles of shoreline, making this city feel more like a permanent vacation spot. You’ll also enjoy unlimited fishing, biking, water sports, local boutiques, award-winning wineries, and excellent fine dining in this friendly town. It’s easy to see why so many travelers flock to this idyllic town with everything it offers. If you want to sell your Traverse City real estate, the town truly speaks for itself, but a few things will help the process.

Selling a home today is not as easy as it was immediately post-pandemic. The historically low mortgage rates are long gone, and the inventory has dropped, with the market quietly regaining a sense of balance. This isn’t bad news for sellers; it simply means you’ll need a solid strategy to get the most out of your home sale. Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate this stressful and changing market alone. Here are the best ways to market your home for sale from a luxury real estate expert.

Experience and market knowledge

One of the best ways to help market your home effectively is with a solid understanding of the current market. Current mortgage interest rates are a significant factor, and after two years of historically low rates, the Federal Reserve raised them seven times in the last year to combat inflation. Today’s rates on a 30-year fixed mortgage are around 6% to 7%. This might not be the highest we’ve seen, but when you combine the higher rates with increasing home prices, inflation, and competition for properties, many buyers put their searches on hold. A respectable agent knows the market trends and can anticipate what sellers must do to keep up when selling their homes.

Provides competitive home prices

Pricing your home correctly from the start is crucial if you want to sell your home successfully. An expert agent will use home valuations, comparative market analysis, and other tools to ensure your home is priced appropriately. A recent survey shows that nearly 75% of sellers have their homes overpriced, which leads to them sitting on the market longer and selling for less. The main goal is to sell your home quickly and for an excellent price; the initial listing price is vital. A trustworthy agent like Molly Buttleman has your best interests at heart and knows how to make your journey smooth.

Professional listing photos

Another strong tactic is to hire a professional photographer to take high-quality photographs for your listings. Studies show that listings with high-quality pictures sell faster than those with shoddy photos. Professional photographers know how to stage your photographs, so special features are highlighted, the lighting is perfect, and the rooms look spacious. They’ll use the correct format to ensure the pixel quality is excellent.

Writes an enticing listing description

The photos are only part of what draws a buyer in, but the description of your property makes them want to see your home in person. This description is roughly a paragraph and is a place to showcase your home’s story. Potential buyers can already see how many bedrooms and bathrooms the house has and the square footage, so this space allows for getting creative. If your home sits on the Grand Traverse Bay, is close to one of the area’s many wineries, or is in a top-rated school district, that needs to be included. Buyers should be able to envision what makes your home special as they read the description.

Uses the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

In addition to using high-quality photographs and an enticing listing description, using the MLS will help your home reach the largest audience. The MLS is a local and regional database that allows real estate agents and brokers to share listings with other agents. Homes on the MLS are syndicated to other real estate websites, so your home will be seen by a broader audience and have a greater chance of being sold quickly.

Virtual tours and walkthroughs

Most buyers don’t purchase a home without visiting the property, but with recent trends in lack of housing and a fast-paced market, nearly 7% of buyers have purchased homes without seeing them first. Including a virtual tour or 3-D walkthrough in your listing is an excellent way for potential buyers to get a feel for the house before seeing it. It’s imperative to use a multimedia approach, though, so having a virtual tour online is not enough.

Using social media

Social media is an excellent way to market your listings through various platforms. In addition to the MLS and the agent website, using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok will increase the number of potential buyers seeing the listing. Most adults use social media daily, so listing on these platforms makes it visible to many potential buyers.

Hosts open houses

Open houses might feel old-fashioned to some, but they are an excellent way to expose the property. Potential buyers often visit an open house, even if it’s not their style or desired area. However, they end up conversing with the realtor and exploring the property, only to fall in love. It’s an excellent opportunity for kismet and lets you show off your home.

Similar to open houses, broker tours are a great strategy. After the listing goes live, select real estate agents and brokers will gather to determine if your property is a good fit for their clients. This can be very lucrative for the seller and sell the home faster.

Are you ready to market your listing?

It’s imperative in today’s market to cover essential home-selling marketing strategies. The best marketing plans are tailored to your unique market, and that’s where Traverse City real estate agent Molly Buttleman comes in. With over 12 years of experience as a top-level luxury agent, you can be confident in her ability to market and sell your home effectively. Contact her today to get started!


Molly is known for listening and problem-solving, often putting her own real-life buying, selling, and renovating experience to use for her clients. Her construction industry connections also give her clients an extra sense of trust, especially if they are looking to add value to a property with a remodel.

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